Weight Loss With A Treadmill Desk Improvement Sprint: The Best Laid Plans Fail Frequently

The worst intentions of criminal masterminds everywhere cannot account for life just “happening” around them.

I am sure you know already how I bang on about the difference between “urgent” and “urgent and important” and that you should plan out your days. Even the best laid plans fail frequently when they encounter “the real world.”

I fell off the self-discipline wagon so hard this past week I think I broke something.

I spent the last days of April attempting to get to the storage locker, but there was always one more thing that needed to be taken care, eating up the time I had set aside for the errand.

Then I spent the first few days of May trying to locate all of the parts for the treadmill and desk, making multiple runs to the locker as I found that I was missing this piece or that piece, when I know for a fact I put them all in to a box together.

Finally, to cap it all off, part of the desk was broken, so I had to source a replacement piece for it, and when I finally got that new replacement in my hands, it too was broken. More time wasted having it returned and waiting for the new, non-broken piece to show up.

Woo hoo! Yak shaving!

My plan was perfect except for the part about where “reality” interactd with it.

Excuse me while I blow off some steam.


There, all better now.

Another late start to the month with my latest improvement sprint. Is this becoming a trend now that I am working on a new project? I hope not.

I hate being late for anything. Being late turns me in to a psychological nut job. A few weeks back, I was heading off to Angel Stadium for the Video Game Legends event hosted by Westwood College and arrived with only 15 minutes to spare before the main event started. I had been on the road for four hours by that point in time, and travelled a total of 50 miles. I had budgeted plenty of time for such an important event and fully intended to make the “meet and greet” session that was being held one hour before the main event. Yeah! Right! Four hours! Four hours, six vehicular accidents and some very frayed nerves by the time that I arrived.

My sprint for April started late, my sprint for May has started late. I do not want this to continue through the rest of the year. It will not be allowed to continue! I will not allow myself to be thwarted! I will not fail myself for the last time, again!


More steam.

Today I start logging my time to find out where the hiccough is occurring. I will write an article about it later this week – assuming I can find the time.

As you can see from the collected data so far, the first four days of the month are empty due to the late start, and the first two days were rather rocky. I am also keeping my speed low, 1.5MPH to 2MPH for the first week or two so that I can get back in to the groove and do not end up causing an injury that brings the entire improvement sprint to a grinding halt.

I managed to hit four hours on my fourth day into the improvement sprint but I really ached afterwards. This is what happens when I spend so long away from exercising. I will make sure that if I go over two hours on a day for the first two weeks that I am taking a short rest break between each hour to give my legs time to recuperate.

So far I have avoided playing World of Warcraft for two reasons: a) I do not have my Warcraft computer set up on the treadmill desk at this time, and b) I need to get my coordination and manual dexterity back, before I am comfortable multi-boxing several characters at once whilst walking on a treadmill. I have not played Warcraft since December so my skills have gotten a little rusty in the time away from the game.