I hate someone…

I really, really hate someone. Or rather, I really, really hate the idea of “someone.”

Because over my career I have had many conversations that sound just like this:

Me: “Let’s do this, move that over there, hand out these, and get people excited.”

Other Person: “We can’t do that.”

Me: “Why not?”

Other Person: “Because…”

…someone might take offense.
…someone might hurt themselves.
…someone might not want it.
…someone might take advantage.
…someone might get something they’re not entitled to.
…someone might not respond.
…someone might respond too late.
…someone might try and take two.
…someone might delete the email.
…someone might not be around to answer the phone.
…someone might try and fail.
…someone might think the wrong thing.
…someone might be upset.
…someone might not know how to use it.
…someone might break it.
…someone might have their time wasted.
…someone might use it.

You know what annoys me the most? It’s never someone’s fault.

No, no. I take that back. It’s annoying but this is the issue that annoys me the most about this mythical someone that rains on everyone’s parade? Nobody, nowhere, not any time has ever has said to me “someone might like it.”

Are you letting someone hold you back from doing something that might someday make you happy, wealthy, successful or some such?