Incapable Of Dancing

In the workshop building furniture, in the kitchen when cooking or on a software development project building amazing experiences there are people that never learned to dance with their partners.

They’re like the American Express slogan “Everywhere you want to be.”

They miss the cues and the tells that observant dancers, cooks and developers take for granted.

I am going over there with a 450F pan of sauce, when I shout “hot behind” it means get out of my way, avoid sudden movements and don’t quickly turn around with your arms flailing.

But apparently that is an invitation too some to stand directly in your path and tell you about the wonderful TV show they watched last night, and when they finally get the clue to get out of the way, they put the glass they were drinking from directly down on the glass trivet you were about to put the hot pan.

“Oh, I’m sorry they say” when you swear at them to get out of the way and move their fucking glass.

But by then, you cannot put the hot pan down, because when you do, the glass trivet will explode, because the person who cannot dance made a cold ring of moisture on a glass surface that is about to receive a 450F pan.

You turn to go in another direction, and there they are, gabbing away still.

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