Liar! Liar! Your Excuses Are Dire!

Where do the little lies you tell yourself end, and your real world, not the real world, but your world, begin?

If you are one of the lucky few, you are working hard on, in or at your business. Every waking hour is spent focusing on nothing but that and not once have you ever thought about stepping away from it.

You can’t! It’s your work, your life, it means everything to you.

No matter how productive you are, no matter how much you have achieved, you keep putting in hour after hour and day after day trying to squeeze out one more task, send out one more email, make one more sale.

Admirable qualities I am sure. You are the very definition of working smarter not harder. Right?

You make excuses of why you cannot leave early, why you cannot take a vacation, why you need to be available 24/7 to whoever is in charge, even if that person is you.

00795 Guess what? Your excuses are utterly pathetic and they are just that, excuses.

You are lying to yourself about why you cannot step away. And the reason you lie is out of fear.

Fear you’ll lose the client if you’re not around, fear that others will find out you are not utterly irreplaceable, fear you’ll lose status, fear of work piling up whilst you aren’t looking, fear of your company going bankrupt, fear of losing everything you have worked for.

You make excuses constantly and none of these excuses you tell yourself are true. Plain and simple, you’re a liar. In fact, you are not only a liar, you’re terrible at it. Let me be frank with you, I know what makes a good liar, just don’t ask me how I know.

Just like any good twelve step programme, the first step to stopping the lies is to admit to them.

But when you stop doing that, when you step back for a moment, what other lies are you telling yourself about why you cannot achieve something?

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