How To Create A Very Unique Check-Off Grid

00422 Previously I wrote about how to simply track your goals using a check-off grid to ensure that you meet daily targets. I have also discovered a unique way of doing the same thing, but with a little creative flair behind it.

In the dim and distant past, I was given a set of “magnetic poetry” as a gift and whilst I graciously thanked the gift giver, I have to divulge that this is probably one of the more useless gifts I have been given. 🙂 I am not known for collecting chotzke possessions, above and beyond a few sentimental pieces. I am grateful for all gifts I receive, but sometimes I just do not know what the gift afterwards.

So this magnetic poetry gift remained in my desk drawer for the longest time, because I did not want to throw it out, as it had been given as a gift with some thought behind it – “You like Scrabble and word puzzles, so I bought you this!” – but I also did not want to retain the gift any longer, as I had no particular interest in using it.

I have found a creative use for it finally.

My magnetic poetry check-off grid is a regular kind of check-off grid, but I have constructed this one with a metal backing from an old serving tray, that allows the magnetic words to stick to the grid.

I still use the check-off grid like I regularly do but instead of a coloured marker completing each day I use words instead. I try to make an interesting message or something inspirational that applies to the goal I am reaching. Most of the time I am just putting up utterly nonsense doggerel. But it is fun to interact with and makes the focus on the goal more visceral.

If you have the time and parts available to you, you might want to try making your own magnetic poetry check-off grid.

Again, the chaos of a jumble of words around the outside edge of the check-off grid pushes our basic psychological buttons to create order out of chaos. Plus there is still the motivator of filling in all of those empty boxes.

I transferred some of my current monthly grids to the new magnetic grids to see how effective it would be and was pleased with the results.

Now I have to caution visitors who make use of the bathroom, that they are not to tamper with the check-off grids. I have had one person remove words – in effect my checked off days – from one grid and move the words to a completely unrelated grid because “the sentence scanned better.”