Word Smith

Something odd popped up in my website search analytics the other day “Why is Justin Lloyd so annoying.”

Quite funny really. Was it aimed at me? Who knows…

Throughout my life people either love me, or hate me. No in-between. Very strong opinions either way but never a middle ground.

I am sure there are many reasons for this very black and white opinion of me, but having given it some thought, I believe it is because how I say things matters.

I am not gruff, tough, rough or someone who removes the sugar coat because I “like to keep it real, yo.”

I don’t “speak my mind” or engage in speech that would deliberately wound someone just because.

I tend to be quite precise in my usage of words, written or spoken, which can be infuriating for others I know. My wife regularly gives me “that look” because I won’t give her the answer she wants to hear. I believe that euphemism should be saved for the bedroom, not the boardroom.

I tend to avoid passive voice which annoys people, and middle voice except when I stand by it through observation as most people find that annoying and because it stands to reason that would be upsetting to most people too. See what I did there? No? Well I’m not going to tell you because those are cheaper shots than normally cheap shots.

What I do intend to engage in is glittering generalities, because you cannot work as an evil mastermind and pander to the masses if you don’t and you cannot paint a grand vision without them.

But if you don’t recognise the generality for what it is, and start looking for edge cases of why the statement does or doesn’t hold water, I consider you as easily manipulated as someone who believes the statement.

Words are powerful tools. You can lift someone up, or you can tear someone down.

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