This website will help you with articles and advice on personal development, personal growth and self improvement.

It takes perseverance to see true positive personal growth in yourself. For those people with perseverance the payoff is unimaginable that allows them to achieve goals and objectives beyond their wildest dreams.

This perseverance can be taught, learnt by anybody and practiced daily, which is its own form of perseverance, that can deliver results to you time and time again.

I personally stay well clear of the woo-woo “self help industry” which I am convinced is an industry full of flummery and rhetorical flimflam. I strongly believe that the entire "self-help industry" is riddled with many charlatans, snake oil salesmen and self-professed gurus offering the fast fix or the placebo platitudes.

I don’t believe there are any quick fixes or quick routes to personal growth. Through this website I hope that we can be educated together in becoming better people than we are today.

Free advice that is practical and empowering

I find that many self-help books and programmes, and many websites that claim to cover personal development, are actually very shallow, hosted by absurdly inexperienced people with very little life experience and almost no actual hands on practice of doing many of the things they attempt to teach.

I find myself questioning why the website exists in the first place.

I get the feeling that I am reading a very long fortune cookie of empty platitudes and middle of the road essays that go out of their way to not cover anything controversial or in-depth. All I need to add is “in bed” at the end of every sentence.

The most egregious examples of websites I am aghast at are those that proffer to give advice when in actual fact all I am getting is a statement of what the problem is. And very badly stated at that! There is no 12-step programme; no instruction manual on how to solve the problem; no information that imparts new knowledge. All I receive is fat and gristle. I don’t get any meat.

Gristle is impossible to chew on and difficult to digest.

Demand substance from your meals of personal development.

Demand something to chew on.

I am aiming with this website to impart practical real world advice on improving your life, growing as a person, hiring and firing people, building a business that will allow you to rule the world, and the efficient dispatching of misguided heroes that attempt to cast you in the role of a caricature villain.

We’ve all been there, harried by the heroic archetype attempting to overthrow you and all you have built after a lifetime of toil and achievement and genuine interest in making your own small part of the world that little bit better for you and your loved ones.

Practical advice

The primary goal of me creating this website is to develop practical tutorials and articles on personal development. All of the advice in the world is useless if you have not been shown how to implement it. You cannot implement a solution if it conflicts with your lifestyle.

Many self-help programmes are presented as blueprints that you need to follow blindly, you need to adapt to them, not the other way around.

And if you fail at the programme?

You didn’t try hard enough.

You didn’t want it bad enough.

You’re the failure.

You’re the problem.

Its not the fault of the self-help programme.

Rather than just giving you a rote step by step solution that leaves absolutely no room for modification – a blueprint – to your own particular life I want to give you the equivalent of a recipe. Recipes let you substitute ingredients to achieve a slightly different flavoured dish. Recipes let you scale the amount of ingredients up and down to accommodate different sized appetites. Blueprints are often all or nothing solutions that purport to be a total answer to your problems. Recipes let you mix and match to taste.

When you’re just starting out in growing as a person, beyond who you are now, you are often at a loss of where to start, and once you start, where to go next. I want you to realise that not all personal development advice is created equal. Nor is it all aimed at the same level of target audience.

Just because you can drive your car on the street back and forth to work doesn’t mean you know how to drive in the IndyCar 500. One is a trivial skill to pick up, the other requires a whole degree more skill and talent to perform.

Don’t be disheartened when you try something out and fail at it. You will probably find that it was an advanced personal development subject and you just weren’t ready for it yet. If you spend much time using self-help programmes or visiting websites you will come to quickly realise that there are major problems:

1) Many of the people writing on the subject are beginners themselves trying to teach you advanced subjects beyond their own understanding.

2) Most of the material out there is really basic entry level stuff that never really goes beyond simple goal setting.

3) Material that you do find will be shallow and contain very little actionable information leaving you clueless of how to act on the advice.

In-depth subjects

The articles you read on this website are in-depth discussions and tutorials on personal development subjects that interest me. I don’t write short 200 word posts on how to set goals. I figure out how to set goals, and then write an in-depth technical article on the subject. Why bother wasting your time reading a shallow article when you can get deep in to the subject and really master it? In-depth technical material on personal development is not for everyone. Like everything in life not all race horses are suited to all race courses.

When I am covering the most basic elementary material I will not skim across the surface of it leaving the beginning person on the path to personal growth wondering what it means and how to proceed. It is important to me that even the people with the most basic skill set get treated equally along with those who are at the top of the game. We all have to start somewhere and the person just starting on their journey of personal growth has the most to learn and usually can learn it in the shortest amount of time thanks to the trailblazers that went before them.

The range of subjects that I write about for this website is very broad, even by personal development standards. I cover personal growth, business, ethics, psychology, employees, diet, and health to name just a few subjects. Rather than skimming the surface of these subjects I like to write very in-depth technical articles about a particular subject. It is important for me that I understand a subject fully, but also that you as the reader fully understand the subject too.

One of the personal growth areas I have experienced that has helped me to grow enormously is being dedicated to lifelong learning. This doesn’t mean going back to college or university to get a degree; it simply means being curious and maintaining an open mind when it comes to a possible learning experience.

Positive growth

It is possible to teach someone personal growth. It is in fact very easy. Unfortunately the easy methods are short lived in their results. Lasting personal growth comes slowly, over time. A few minutes a day, a few hours a day, depending on your dedication.

It is possible to live a life full of meaningful, positive personal growth. This personal growth occurs on every waking day. It is not only possible to achieve this, it is actually very effortless. Through perseverance, self-discipline and application of skill our lives, from this day, and every day forward, can change dramatically with very little exertion.

I have spent a lot of my life, like most people, not doing the things I should be doing and pursuing trivial subjects that have not been in my best interests. I am a flawed person often indulging in self-defeating behaviour. The difference between an ordinary life and a life of positive growth is realising I indulge in these negative behaviours, these self-defeating problems and work to resolve them. Working towards a better life and being a better person is one very large step higher than most of the population. Realising that I need to improve in particular areas is more than half the battle.

Believe it or not, no matter how far we think humanity as a whole has slid down, each and every one of us aspires to be a better person in our own way. What I aspire to be is not what others aspire too and what I consider personal growth is not what you may agree is personal growth. Even if all we do is aspire to be better at embezzlement it is an aspiration for personal growth.

Check back often

When I began to collect my thoughts of writing about personal development and personal growth I had no clear intention of how far I wanted to take it. Originally I wanted to write only a few articles and have them published by one of the large online article databases. After a lot of consideration and deliberation, I determined that to bring the readers who would take interest in the articles the best possible education and information and tools that my best option would be to create a blog style website that I regularly update with useful information, advice and articles detailing how to grow as a person.

I currently have no fixed writing schedule, or word count that I am aiming for but I know that for people to receive the greatest benefit possible from these articles I would need to post three to five times per week. By reinforcing the fact that the website is regularly updated with useful information on improving yourself that it would instil in the reader the confidence that I do care about this particular subject and that regular updates of first-rate quality content are my way of showing this devotion to learning and improving.

New articles appear on this website almost daily. The intent is to impart as much knowledge in as timely a fashion as possible so that new readers of this website can read over a whole group of articles and get up to speed on what it is possible to achieve in their personal lives and regular readers will always have a place to visit on a daily basis without being left to wonder if the website has died off because no new articles have been posted for a month or more.

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