Exclusively Produced For Everyone

Some products only have an audience of one (Monet? Degas? The rarest of jewels?), either due to interest or exclusiveness.

Other products have an audience measured in hundreds of millions (Coca-Cola? Apple? Nike?).

It is difficult (and expensive) to make your product move to either end of that spectrum. But somewhere in the spectrum of exclusive to widely available sit your ideal customers.

Your job should be, and this is your only job, is to figure out where on that spectrum your customer is, and then hyper focus on them to the exclusion of all other potential customers.

Hired A Lover To Fix My Toilet And Now There Is Shit Everywhere

Plumbers fix your leaking toilet cistern.

You don’t hire a plumber because they are fun to have lunch with. Hang out at the bar at the end of the day. Or spend a casual weekend together.

You don’t worry about whether they fit in your culture.

Lovers are people you want to spend a lot of time with. Hang out with. Have deep intense conversations with.

Which do you need to hire? A plumber? Or a lover?

Do 1,000 Things Badly

Do 1,000 related things badly, eventually, somewhere along the way, without knowing it, you’ll be doing all of them really damn well.

Do the same thing 1,000 times, you’ll end up doing one bad thing really well.

You cannot skip ahead to doing the 1,000th thing pretty damn well. You might find a few shortcuts and skip three or four every now and again.

Natural talent might let you skip ahead at the start, but sheer hard work will make you better than someone who relies solely on a gift.