You reached my personal biography page intended to give you a potted history of who I am. There are several versions of basically the same information of varying lengths. I use these biographies when I appear at conferences to give a talk or appear on a panel.

Real Short Biography

Serial CTO & Entrepreneur. Video Game Developer. Journalist. Book reviewer. Photo journalist. Teacher. Guest Speaker. Nascent Author. Artist. Musician. Improv comedian. Anime industry.

Short Bio Biography

Justin is: A fractional CTO and mobile Developer. Serial entrepreneur. Technology and photo journalist for numerous print publications. Nascent author. Past Chapter President for IGDA Los Angeles. Past-president of Westside Media Community.

Justin has: 37+ years developing hardware and software. Art and music in notable games. Contributed to successful Anime titles. 50+ published game titles.

Justin does: Software development. Writing. Teaching.

Justin has been: Stand-up improv comic. Book review columnist.

Justin wants: One day to do something productive. Once he figures out what he wants to do.

Longer Biography

Justin is a serial entrepreneur, having co-founded six companies. Currently he is a fractional CTO and mobile developer for hire. He has 37+ years working in software and hardware. 30 years spent working on video games. In addition to more than 50 game titles, he has developed commercial solutions covering medical imaging, ultrasound simulations, machine learning, compilers, computer vision, video hardware and robotics.

He has a thriving career as a technology journalist, writing regularly for magazine and web. He has been a regular contributor to Game Developer along with being a past book review columnist.

He teaches math, physics and computer science to aspiring and professional game developers at colleges and universities.

He is a failed fiction author and after several short stories and seven unpublished novels he should understand that publishers are only interested in his non-fiction. His art and music has appeared in several notable games. He’s had brief careers working in improv comedy and the Anime industry, working on two successful titles.

One day he wants to do something productive, after he figures out what it is he wants to do.

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