Improv here!

I used to do a lot of improvisational comedy 20+ years ago.

And also did a little stand-up comedy too.

Though I was better at, and preferred, the improvisational performances.

The thing about improvisational comedy is that whilst improvised, it doesn’t mean unprepared.

For a 2 hour show we would prepare for 15 or 20 hours.

The idea of preparing ahead of time for something that will be improvised is a powerful way to look at other areas of your life.

You spend a lot of time preparing to develop a piece of software by developing other pieces of software.

You spend a lot of time preparing to cook a meal by cooking other meals.

You spend a lot of time preparing to give that impromptu piano performance by practicing repeatedly at the piano.

Improvisation doesn’t mean unprepared.

Improvisation means you are prepared at any moment to give a performance if called upon.

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