Not On The Menu

“I want vanilla ice cream.”

No, I don’t really want vanilla ice cream.

What I want is an elusive “something.”

But vanilla ice cream is what I have in the freezer, right now.

I know I don’t have any strawberry ice cream, which is what I’d prefer, because I recall eating the last of that a few days ago.

So what I will eat is vanilla ice cream.

We often consume, and not just food, whatever we have immediate access to rather than figuring out what we really want.

Quite a few of us go through life never realising that we are only consuming, using, buying or living with the options that are put in front of us by other people.

Like this, eat that, watch this thing, vote for that person.

Eating “off menu” is a scary proposition. What if we won’t like it? What if they won’t know how to cook it? What if they say “No, we don’t do that here?”

But the real reason we don’t order something that isn’t on the menu? We don’t know how to ask for it because we’ve always been told what it is we should want.

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