Nothing’s gonna stop us now

The one thing I’ve learned about anything I do is that if I love doing it, nothing will stop me from doing it. Software development, writing, making music, doodling badly drawn comic books, furniture building. But none of the things I do are an instant step to making a lot of money. If you are a reasonably successful software developer and are interested in making money as a woodworker, you keep working as a software developer whilst also being a woodworker until the woodworking starts paying the bills. If you pick to be one thing, it takes many years to make that activity start paying for the time invested and the livelihood you need to survive. The only authors who make money on their new book are the authors who are making money on their previous books. The only independent game developers making money on their new game are the independent game developers making money on their previous games. P.S. Yes, there are rare breakout hits from first time authors or developers but the odds of that happening are greater than winning the lottery jackpot.

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