Socially Awkward

Pick one random person in your organisation you’ve never had a one-on-one lunch with and ask them to lunch with you.

Socially awkward? Yes. Get over it.

If you can do it, you’re on the path to being a sales person, but more importantly, you’re on the path to having a great career.

Two tips on how to do it:

Send an email – “I don’t think you and I have ever had lunch. I hate eating alone. I’m going to grab a bento box at the place downstairs, sit on the wall outside and try to estimate the net worth of people by the shoes they wear. Want to join me?”

Grab two people you do know and regularly eat with, let them know you want to find a random person to go to lunch with, walk past your random person’s desk with your entourage and say “Hey, we’re going to lunch downstairs, you want to join us?” Most people will say “sure” and now you have a reason to sit at the table for four without an empty seat. And those that reply, “Too busy (but really I’m intimidated by your entourage and feel socially awkward about meeting new people).” you can swing by tomorrow, alone, because you’ve already broken the ice, and ask again “Want to try for lunch again today?”

P.S. I am the most socially awkward wallflower you will ever meet.

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