The 22 Reasons Why You Are Awesome

  1. You never settle for what you are given
  2. You’re morally strong
  3. You constantly explore and expand your horizons
  4. You never take the politically expedient path
  5. You have passion for what you love
  6. You’re life is so full of wonder you cannot spend your time fast enough
  7. You have vision even when nobody else can see it
  8. You follow your dreams though they lead through adversity
  9. You walk every journey one step at a time
  10. You won’t accept mediocrity into your life
  11. You’re unhappy with people that are close to you who don’t want more out of life
  12. You associate with people you want to become
  13. You reject people who don’t grow
  14. You live in fear of being bored
  15. You avoid petty people
  16. You’re too busy doing amazing work to worry about getting even
  17. You know what the next step on your journey is
  18. You realise that life is too short to achieve everything you want to do
  19. You’re more interested in the box and wrapping paper than you are in the pre-manufactured experience plaything that is contained inside
  20. You avoid the mundane and the inane
  21. You know that the time will pass anyway, so why not make use of it
  22. You are fearless in taking the next step

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