The measure of a man

We frequently measure the wrong things when we measure ourselves against other people.

How much we earn, our income, is an easy measurement.

Measuring ourselves against another’s income is a losing game.

We make more than them, therefore we are better (not just economically better off, but “better people”) than them.

We make less than them, therefore they are better (“better people”) than us.

So we should treat that person badly but be obsequious to that other person.

The belief that someone who makes more than us is a better person, is happier in their life or worthy of our attention and respect because of the number in their bank account is not a measurement we should be focusing on, even if it is an easy measurement to make.

You have to admit, this is a terrible way to go through life.

And yet people (you and I included) do it all the time.

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