The Secret Ingredient Is “Love!”

Over the years, conversations with people have frequently taken the form of:

This food tastes awesome. I wish mine tasted as good as this. What’s your secret to making it taste so good?

When I search for you online, you show up everywhere. I wish I could be found so readily. What’s your secret to achieving that?


You get so many views on your LinkedIn profile. I wish I could get that many views. What’s your secret for promoting yourself?

This piece of furniture is pure art. I wish my joinery came out that clean. What’s your secret to making it look so good?


This mobile app has rock solid UX. I wish my app was this engaging. What’s your secret to the user experience?

This code is beautiful. I wish my project was as well organized as that. What’s your secret to making it look so good?


Your passive income websites get so much traffic. I wish I could build a business like that. What’s your secret for making money?

The artwork in this game is fantastic. I wish our games looked this good. What’s your secret to making it look so good?


And I tell them my “secret.”

The long, involved, often methodical process I go through to achieve the result I desire.

And inevitably the reply is:

Oh I don’t have time, money or interest for any that. I just wish I could make my X be as good as your X.


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