Why I Just Quit Reading Seth Godin

Seth Godin probably doesn’t care, he’d probably attribute it to some marketing nonsense such as “being dazzling and edgy and not trying to please everyone” but this post for his free three-day seminar alienates me and has incensed me enough that I have removed him from my daily reading list and doubt I will be buying any more of his books or publications.

I never agree with everything the guy says — he is frequently wrong in his hypothesis about something, but he spouts gibberish so fast that he actually seems smart to people who don’t pay close attention to the words being said – but there are enough gems that I was willing to overlook the nonsense. Usually its about a 50/50 split between something worthwhile and incorrect bullshit.

Why am I incensed?

“It’s by application only and it’s only for women entrepreneurs.”

I understand that it is a private endeavour and you are under no obligation to cater to anyone you choose not to. And let’s get this straight, I fucking hate political correctness with a passion, only including or excluding someone based on race, gender or sexual orientation is bullshit. Just because the mouse-over pointer on web browsers is a little white hand does not mean it is racist.

What I hate even more than political correctness in this whole damn world is sexism and racism wrapped up in political correctness.

This free seminar, and the wording of, holds true to a universal law, “If by changing the demographic, gender, religion, creed or colour of something would make it discriminatory against other groups, then what you have written is absolutely discriminatory.”

Let’s change the wording on the free seminar, just one single word. Let’s see if it is discriminatory.

From the introduction:

“On November 1, 2 and 3, I’ll be hosting 12 of you in my office for a free three-day seminar. It’s by application and it’s for whites only. If you think you can benefit from and contribute to this intense roundtable experience, I hope you’ll apply.”

From the application page:

“The goal of the session is to help you connect to other whites doing the work you’re doing.”

“3. The workshop is open only to whites (surprise DNA testing may occur) and only to whites who own and run their own business.”

All I did was change “women” to “white.” If he had written that out, there would be uproar and he’d be having some explaining to do.

Of course, if you are including a group, you have that hidden discrimination going for you, conversely what you’re saying is “whites only, no people of colour need apply.”

And as one middle aged, white guy to another, Seth Godin, I say to you, “Screw you and your horse called Discrimination that you rode in on.”

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