Yak Shaving Re Ducks!

Crap! Batteries died in Apple keyboard again. WTF is going on with this thing? Second set of batteries in less than a month.

And of course I cannot find a flat-head screwdriver to open it. Just spent ten minutes digging through drawers of tools. Normally it’s the Philips screwdrivers I cannot find and I have an abundance of flatheads.

Of course, I am going to be one AA battery short of what’s needed. Arggh! Yak shaving!

Time for a trip to CostCo to pick up massive packs of batteries again.

Eeewww! Leaky battery. Time to clean up the battery compartment with some rubbing alcohol. And maybe some alcohol for me too.

How many times have you just given up because you meant the proverbial yak?

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