You Want To See Something Really Scary?

Here’s an old trick I show people around Halloween.

Go to Google and enter “filetype:xls password” as your search term without the quotes.

Then giggle inanely at people’s naivety.

Try adding “twitter” or “linkedin” or “facebook” or “wordpress” to search expression.

And the really scary thing? You might be smart enough to not do this.

“I’d never do that! The only people who know my passwords are me and the SEO company I hired for that one campaign.”

Except that little SEO company put all of your passwords for all of your social media accounts in a spreadsheet. And then uploaded it to a super-secret location on their WordPress website (which automatically adds that super-secret hidden page to the sitemap.xml that Google will quickly index) for the rest of the SEO team to work with.

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