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Daily improvement

You should seek to improve in whatever your focus is, every single day you are alive, while it is your focus.

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Now K.I.S.S. Me You Fool!

If your SaaS MVP is any more complex than “plants eat sun and shit air” then it is not an MVP you are building.

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Most People Are Terrified Of Public Squeaking

Don’t neglect your loyal clients and customers just because one squeaky wheel customer is demanding you give them attention. Some days you just have to cut your losses, tell the squeaker, “your business is not welcome here” and move on. It will actually do your bottom line a world of good in the long run,…

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Time Travel By Sleep

I send emails out late at night so that people have them when they arrive to work in the morning. By the time the recipient have thought about the email and responded, I’ve had a good night’s rest and can pick up where I left off. For me, the perception is that it shortens the…

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Triumphant Triage

Medical triage is used to handle the urgent, the necessary and then everything else. Because when it comes to life or death, you really should deal with the urgent first. But in a non-life or death situation, in your personal life, or in business, traditional triage methods break down. They don’t work. We end up…

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No big breaks

If you are expecting a Jerry McGuire moment in your career, your startup, your creative production, I have to let you know, there isn’t one. There is no “big break” where everything changes on a single decision except for infinitesimally small portion of the population that would be considered a rounding error in every statistics…

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